Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our First Art Group Meeting

My friend Sarah started a Music Class over a year ago and Emily and I have really enjoyed all of the fun things she has done with the group. I love art and Sarah's Music Class motivated me to start an Art Group for the kids too.

Here is how our first Art Group went

1. We started with 15 minutes of play dough free play. I made a cinnamon scented play dough and I think all the Mommy's really enjoyed the scent. I plan on making a new batch of play dough to go with the seasons. To finish we sang "On Top of Spaghetti" while the kids practiced rolling a ball of play dough and smooshing it.

2. Next we did an open ended art project. This lasted about 10 - 15 minutes. This week we painted with feathers using fall colors. This activity is all about the process and not the product. Although I think they all looked amazing :0)

3. After we cleaned up we had a short interactive poem to introduce the craft that we would do next. We did this song about pumpkins. Each child got to hold one of the pumpkins and we sang about how their pumpkin was acting and feeling.

4. Finally we made a craft. This is a project that is supposed to look like something when it is finished. We made cute paper bag pumpkins. I found the idea for these here.

After we cleaned up the children had a snack and some play time.

We all had a great time and I am looking forward to planning more art activities for the kids!!


The Activity Mom said...

That is AWESOME! I bet the kids loved it and the parents too! I would bring B to something like that in a heartbeat! Very fun!

Debbie said...

Oh how fun! I love scented play dough. At Christmas I always make play dough and scent it with baby oil we then make stars and hearts that we dry and decorate for the Christmas tree. Have Fun with your art class!

Adriana said...

Sounds like so much fun! I do a Mommy and Me Spanish class for my friends.

sbswtp said...

We love the art class!!!! Thank you for linking to my music posts!! :)

Rebecca said...

Great ideas! I just made homemade playdoh for the first time yesterday and loved it!

Elise said...

Hi Michelle

I think it is fantastic that you set up this creative art group. What a wonderful opportunity for Emily, her friends and their parents. Your first week sounds amazing. How lovely to have cinnamon scented playdough. You are so clever to think of making a different scent for each season. Painting with feathers would have been so much fun.

Miller Moments said...

Great ideas! What fun activities for the kids.

Cara said...

I started an art playgroup recently too! Yours looks so fun! I love that you did playdough at the beginning. (I just made homemade playdough for the first time today!).

The girl who painted trees said...

Sounds like a fun time. I like that you had a lot of exploration opportunities and then a directed "crafty" activity. Great balance!

Anonymous said...

As an artist myself, I have to say that I really appreciated this post. I think it's great! With the cost cutting that's going on in the school systems these days, one of the first things to go is art education. It's just so sad to see. So I say BRAVO to you, Michelle. Keep it up.


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