Thursday, December 3, 2009

stART ~ A Star For Jesus

Welcome to stART! I hope that you will enjoy our book and art project and maybe even share your own too! For an explanation of stART click here.

star for jesus

This week we read A Star for Jesus, by Crystal Bowman. This is a wonderful retelling of the Christmas Story! It also explains the significance of the Star at Christmas time.

Last year I made a Star and Paper Chain Christmas Countdown. Emily really enjoyed taking of a link each night and I think it helped her picture how long until Christmas. So this year I was very excited that she would be able to help me make it again. We were able to do our stART project with 2 of our friends too.

First I cut out a star from yellow construction paper and this little poem to glue to the star:

Each evening when goodnights are said,

Take off one link and hop into bed.

When only the star is left to shine,

then you will know it’s Christmastime!

I was very excited that Sarah was able to laminate all of the stars for us so we will be able to use it again an again!


The girls all helped make the paper chains. We attached 25 chains to the star!


The girls with their finished projects!


Kim @ Life of a Modern Mom said...

We LOVE that book! What a great craft idea.

Ticia said...

They look so cute and happy in that last picture, great job!

Crystal said...

Cute idea. I love the poem and thanks for the book suggestion.

sbswtp said...

How funny that we did our start projects together....with different books and projects!! :) Such a good idea :)

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I love the chain and the star. Emily looks so proud in this last picture.

Our Little Family said...

I will definitely have to look for that book! And, Emily looks SO happy! :)

This is our first week joining in on stART and I'm so excited! We had a great time and I look forward to seeing everyone else's ideas!

Jenny said...

That looks like a cute book. Great activity!

Rebecca said...

What a cute idea! And i love that she did hers with her friends :)

Jeanette said...

Hi Michelle! I've linked up with start a few times before but I am linking up from a different blog now. Decided trying to post on two blogs was too much for me. So I am not new, just linking from a different blog.
I really like your project. Another book to track down, I've never read it before.

Debbie said...

The girls look so cute and proud of their stART projects. What a great idea! I will have to add this book to our Christmas reads.

silly eagle books said...

They look too cute standing their with their projects! I love it.

Elise said...

Hi Michelle

I am adding this book to my list of Christmas books. I just oredered a few books for Savvy and Blakie for Christmas, but I am going to place another order soon and I will be including this book.

I like that you included the star with the sweet poem to your chain - such a great idea. We made a basic chain as a visual countdown too and Savvy loves taking off a link each day.


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