Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday Art Group

Color Wheel Project ~ Blue and Blue Duplo Prints
This week we added the blue piece to our color wheels for the Color Wheel Project.
The girls colored one of the pieces of the circle with blue markers, and then glued on blue pipe cleaners, tissue paper, foam, construction paper, ribbon, stickers, cut up straws and sequins. 
Coloring with blue markers.  They are all doing really well staying in the one piece.
Gluing on the collage materials.
Juliette enjoyed watching from her high chair. This week we had 3 siblings watching us work.  It will be fun to see how the babies join in soon. 
Next, the girls made Duplo prints with blue paint.  I loved how each one came out so different!
IMG_1403 IMG_1404  
After we cleaned up the girls had snack and free play.
Juliette is starting to join right in, I LOVE it!!!!


Mama to 5 said...

very cute idea! :)

Stacy said...

How cute! I love the blue duplo prints!

Deborah Stewart said...

I just love the color wheel idea!

Susana said...

Your color wheels look great! I like the way you are learning about them.


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