Saturday, January 23, 2010

Look who is eating now!

Juliette started eating solid foods about a month and a half ago. 

IMG_0088 This is Juliette’s first time having rice cereal.

I am starting to make her other foods too.  She has tried…IMG_0654string beans,

IMG_0854  peas,

IMG_1141 carrots,

IMG_1277 and sweet potatoes.

I have been making my own baby food.  I wanted to for Emily, but she was such a picky eater as a baby that I just got discouraged and ended up buying jars.  Juliette seems to enjoy the food I am making so I am set to stick with it. 

We are starting fruits in a few days and I am not really sure about preparing them, I am going to start with apples since I do know how to make apple sauce, and that will by me some time to research!! 

If you made your own baby food and have some great tips I would love to hear them.  I am wondering about storing, reheating and traveling. 


sbswtp said...

So cute that you took pics for each new food!!! She is adorable :) For storing- you can freeze in ice cube trays- pop out for easy portion and re-heat-ability. I didn't do a lot for Ryles...and I don't think I am really going to for Braeden either...but its so good if you can keep it up!!!!! (Way too stressful for me)... :)

kewkew said...

Such a cutie! Sorry I can't help with any advice. I didn't do a real great job with homemade baby food. Always just made enough for one meal. Just have a little baby food grinder and can never get the food fine enough for when they are really little. I actually ended up using jarred food with my last baby. Mainly because I had a bunch given to me and then my daughter wouldn't accept the homemade food. Planning on trying again with the baby that is on the way.

Anyhow, I just popped on over to let you know I was passing on the CreativOnline award to you. I really enjoy checking out your blog! If you get a chance my blog is:

Anonymous said...

Check out this site for answers to all your questions!

Amy said...

Wow! She is not making any of the faces that my kids made when I first tried food with them. :) I tried making baby food with my oldest but never found the time as I was still working full time then. I did a lot with my middle girl, and she was a super good eater. I agree about checking out the wholesomebabyfood website. That is what I used when I was making things for Ella.

Donette said...

Jessica has been eating for almost a month...butternut. sweet potato, carrots, potato, applesauce.


Trudie said...

I also made all of M's food, I cooked her pumpkin, sweet potatoe, carrots, butternut, gemsquash, baby marrows, apples, pears and banannas. All you do is to steam the fruits untill soft and then mash them. I froze them in ice cube trays, the silicone ones. So easy to pop out the portion that you need. I then just microwaved it for a few seconds to heat up. If we had to go out, I would put a frozen cube in a sealed dish and put that in a small coolerbag. By the time it was feeding time it was defrosted, but not spoilt.

Michelle said...

Thank you so much I can't wait to check out the wholesomebabyfood site a bit more, it looks like there is so much wonderful information!!

Sela said...

Glad you already got pointed to Wholesomebabyfood, it's awesome! You could also check out the book Super Baby Food if you would like a hard copy of something instead of just on your computer. She's a bit of a "food nazi" if you know what I mean, but she still has great ideas, just don't feel like you have to make your own cereal every day and raise your kiddo vegetarian :) Also, I really like freezing my baby food in baby food jars. You can usually find some on craigslist or freecycle if you ask. Good luck!

Rebecca said...

I loved making my own food- keep it up!

Monica said...

Your post here inspired me to also make a post about baby food over at my blog,

My best tip is to invest in a microwave's saved a lot of time this time around.


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