Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little Miss Valentine

This cute little “Heart Girl” as Emily called her was a quick and cute craft with a fun fine motor twist!


I cut out a large heart for the body, two small hearts for hands, 2 half hearts for feet and 4 strips of construction paper for arms and legs.


First, Emily drew a face on the heart with a marker.

(I was going to have her use wiggly eyes, however her face came out SO good we thought it would be best to save them for another project!)


She folded the strips of paper for the arms and legs into accordions, and yes she did them all without asking for help, I was totally shocked!

Emily enjoys helping me fold towels and the napkins to help set the table for dinner so I thought she would like this, but I had no idea how much she would like it.


She glued the arms and legs onto the heart  and  then…

IMG_1676…added the hands and feet.

**Don’t you love all her jewels, I love that she wants to play dress up now it just looks to cute :0)


Anonymous said...

A very cute craft idea! I'm impressed she was able to do it by herself. I doubt my 34 month old could fold a paper accordion like that. Guess we'll have to make an attempt at it sometime this week.

You daughter is looking mighty adorable in those heart PJs with all her jewelry on. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

love that craft! WTG on folding the strips! I am not sure Sammy knows how to fold yet. Might need to plan some of those activities.

Unknown said...

We did a craft like this too, and I must say, your precious girl did much better than my younger two with her fine motor skills- just AWESOME!

(Our craft had a story with it which you might want to use sometime in the future- you can find it here:

Just click on the picture of the story and you can read it better.)

Ticia said...

The jewels are awesome! And, I always forget about teaching simple skills like the accordian fold until I see someone else doing it.

Christy Killoran said...

Love the jewels. My daughter would love them too; she loves to wear all of her "jewelry" and play dress up.

I'm impressed with her folding skills too. We did this craft last year but I helped A LOT with the folding. I wonder if they could do it this year. I think I have to try it now.

Fiona said...

aw cute idea! I am going to try this with my daughter!

angee said...

I love your blog!! I gave you an award:

Cassie said...

Aww I remember making one of those as a kid!

Mama to 5 said...

very cute craft! She is so good at all the different crafts you give her! :)

Trudie said...

The first thing I noticed were the jewellery! So cute!

Amy said...

I love all her bling! Too fun! My son made a similar project at preschool this week, only they cut out two circles at the bottom and instead of adding paper legs, you can stick your two fingers through the holes and "walk" the heart person, so your fingers are the legs. :)

Elise said...

It made me smile to see Emily in all her beads - too cute. Savvy sometimes does her crafts with fairy wings, or some sort of dress up costume.

I like the fact that this a relatively easy craft, but it looks super cute.

Your lacing hearts idea is such a neat activity.


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