Sunday, March 21, 2010



Tot School

Our week in TOTSchool

Emily is 37 months old

Juliette is 8 months old


I got a big bag of Rainbow Colored Buttons from Oriental Trading along with these great muffin cups.  Emily had a great time sorting the whole container of buttons for me!  This was a great fine motor skill practice, along with color and sorting.


Since Emily has started watching the LeapFrog - Letter Factory DVD  she is OBSESSED with letters.  She finds them wherever we are and gets so excited about them.  I often hear “MOMMY look a T” when we drive past Target.  While we were baking for this week’s stART project, she found the letters for KITCHEN-AID and pointed them all out to me!


We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a Green Shamrock Pancake Breakfast!  We also did a lot of fun St. Patrick’s Day activities during the week.


We mixed blue and yellow paint together to make potato prints.


We made some Irish Soda Bread with our friends.  This was great practice mixing, scooping and kneading.


We did water transfer with yellow and blue water.  Emily used a pipette to transfer the water in the muffin tin.  I loved how sturdy these tins were for this activity.  They were very inexpensive from Oriental Trading and can be used for so many different activities!


We made the Letter O for Octopus.


Emily has been cooking up a storm in her play kitchen.  Juliette usually sits on the floor and dumps the food out of the bins, but she has discovered that she can stand and reach the counter.  I was so glad that my camera was handy for this picture!


Emily was working on her Melissa & Doug Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle


…and Juliette played with her Melissa & Doug Farm Chunky Puzzle.  She loved handling the pieces.  I talked about the animals and the sounds that they made.  She had fun with this and it kept her from destroying Emily’s puzzle for a little bit :0)


We had such beautiful weather her this weekend, so we had our first backyard picnic for lunch…


…while Daddy set up Emily’s new Trampoline!!

IMG_2616 Can you tell that she loves it!!

Juliette got to sit on it for a picture, she will have to wait till she gets bigger to actually enjoy it ;)

Here is a video I got of Emily playing on the trampoline.

Our favorite books from this week:

  • Bear’s New Friend ~ Karma Wilson
  • Where is Baby’s Belly Button ~ Karen Katz
  • Warthog’s Paint ~ Pamela Duncon
  • Little People Worlds of Adventure ~ Reader’s Digest


Check out the great things that others are doing with their children by clicking the buttons on the top of this page!!


Mama to 5 said...

What a fun week! Isn't is fun to put our babies up on Tot School too!? We have the same trampoline - we bought it for our boys for Christmas, careful because the netting is trashed on ours! :)

sbswtp said...

The trampoline looks so fun! Loved the picture of the girls at Emily's kitchen together- super cute :) Are you free for TS this week? :) We are up to Letter "P".

Cindy said...

Fun week! Emily looks like she is having so much fun on the trampoline!

Anonymous said...

So cute! We have that trampoline, lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Your girls are too precious! Isn't it crazy how fast they can learn things? Melody is always surprising me. This week she is starting to sound out words with the letter sounds that she knows. They're not always real words but it's a start. The funny thing is I feel like I'm "teaching" less than when I was a teacher. I guess it's easier when the "class size" is smaller. The trampoline looks like so much fun!

Debbie said...

What a fun week. I love the pictures of Emily on her trampoline!

Amanda said...

We have the same trampoline! We kept ours in the garage all winter to keep it from being damaged and pulled it out last weekend. Madison is in love with it all over again! We also tossed a bag of ball pit balls in it too!

Anonymous said...

I saw that you won the Pick and Draw game. We won one awhile back and Melody LOVES it. Ever since then she's been drawing people and now even got all the body parts drawn in, up to the eyebrows and lashes.

Mrs. M said...

Looks like you have lots of fun in your school. Love the pictures of your little darling students. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. M

Cindy said...

I had no idea that little tramps came with surrounds. I just bought one to exercise with and didn't tell me guy not to jump from it to the couch and of course he got a goose egg on his forehead.

Rebecca said...

Great week!! I love Oriental Trading and Melissa and Doug. And i love the pic of Emily on the trampoline, haha!

Anonymous said...

What a fun week! I love the Octopus :-) and the trampoline looks like so much fun!

Shelly said...

love the muffin tins...and the food coloring in each section was so cool... will try with my Reno

Donette said...

Looks like great fun. Love the Melissa and doug toys!

Helen said...

What a fun packed time! Button idea and muffin tins are great...I'll have to try that.


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