Friday, October 1, 2010

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum


As I have mentioned before we have a membership to our local children’s museum and with that membership we are able to visit other children’s museums for free with their reciprocal program.  So we decided to visit The Brooklyn Children’s Museum one weekend and we had an amazing time there!

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum was the first museum created just for children when it opened in 1899.  Because of its success 300 children’s museums were created around the world.  The museum was recently renovated and boasts an amazing collection of exhibits that celebrate Brooklyn's diverse cultural roots as well as the many  exhibits focusing on nature, science and the arts.

First we visited Neighborhood Nature

Sea Snail

First we checked out the touch tank where Emily and Juliette were able to see and even touch different creatures of the sea.

More Touch Tank IMG_4573

IMG_4575There were lots of other exhibits set up teaching about the wildlife native to Brooklyn.

  Juliette loved exploring the giant water table. 

Our Next Stop was the World Brooklyn Exhibit

Brooklyn is a culturally diverse area and we were able to experience and learn about some of these wonderful cultures in the World Brooklyn Exhibit.


Emily was a Lion Dancer for the Chinese New Year


She played a Steel Pan Drum…


and rode the Vespa outside the Italian Pizza Place

You can check out more of the World Brooklyn exhibits here.

Finally we checked out the Totally Tots section.

Both Emily and Juliette enjoyed this section that was just for children 5 and under.

Water Table

The Giant Water Table was a favorite for both the girls, they also enjoyed climbing, up and around the other sections exploring musical instruments, puppets and toys.

We had a great time at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and hope to visit it again soon.  There is still  so much to see and explore!!

What is your favorite Children’s Museum to Visit???


sbswtp said...

Yay!!! so fun :)

Phyllis said...

I have an award for you over at my blog.


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