Sunday, October 3, 2010

Having Fun Learning

Our Week Having Fun Learning Together!!!

Emily is 43 months old and Juliette is 14 months old

We did a lot of different activities and had a little bit of a Dinosaur theme going this week.  I had fun finding Dinosaur books from the library and printing out different activities for Emily to do.  Since there are SOOO may things you can do with them and Emily seems to be enjoying it, I think we will be continuing with this little them again next week too!  We also went to Music at Sarah’s house and had Art Group at our House.

This week we both Emily and Juliette enjoyed doing lots of different art projects.  I am so excited that Juliette is able to participate and seems to really enjoy many of the things that I do with Emily now.

 IMG_5382 Emily and I played a Dinosaur Themed Roll and Color Game.  I love doing these with her since it is a great counting and number recognition activity.  Plus I absolutely love to color.  IMG_5342

During art group we made this apple tree painting that I saw on Teach Preschool.

IMG_5340Emily practiced cutting by helping me clip coupons.


Our Do-A-Dot markers were a big hit this week!  Emily used both the regular and mini ones to stamp the letter Dd and a Dinosaur.  We also used them to color a paper plate for a project.


For our stART project Emily made a paper plate dinosaur…check out how she dressed it up!


I found a great Dinosaur Shape Count and color page for her to work on.  She colored it all by herself and then I helped her write the numbers after she counted the shapes.

Tiny Tot School  

Counting Bears   Juliette loved filling an empty puffs container with our counting bears.  She would fill it up and then dump it out and start all over again.

IMG_5389We went to play with our friends and Braeden gave Juliette a ride in the laundry hamper.  They both thought this was the greatest game ever.  I love watching Juliette interact with her friends more and more.

IMG_5384Juliette loves to color.  Whenever Emily has her markers out Juliette points to them and says “that, that” until I give her one.  All I have to say is thank goodness they are washable!!!

  IMG_5390Last week we did a contact paper collage, this week we did a sticker collage and she enjoyed it just as much!  Juliette peeled many of the stickers off and stuck them onto the paper all by herself.  Then when she needed help she would hand it to me.


Of course, as soon as Juliette saw Emily using the do-a-dot markers she needed to try them too!


Juliette received this CD player toy for her Birthday and really liked putting the  CD’s into the slot, just like her piggy bank.

IMG_5377  We have had our easel out since we did the water painting on the chalk board side last week.  This time I pulled the paper over it and set out the crayons for the girls to draw with.  Every day they filled the paper with all different kinds of drawings and scribbles.  Juliette enjoyed drawing so much that she didn’t even put any crayons in her mouth…well at least for a really long time :)

Our favorite books from this week:

  • Dinorella ~ Pamela Duncan Edwards
  • How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight ~ Jane Yolen
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See ~ Bill Martin, Jr.
  • 9 Fruits Alive ~ Mindy Macdonald


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Anonymous said...

What a great week! I loved the roll and color page!

Stefanie said...

Lots of dino fun! Can't wait to see what you have for next week.

Susana said...

I love the picture of the two of them painting. Juliette is very pretty. She looks a lot like Emily!! Your girls are precious and Juliette is SO big now!


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