Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Going a little Batty

I love going through our bins of holiday decorations and seeing all the things that were packed away last year that I totally forgot that we had and then finding the perfect spot for it this year!  Emily helped me put out most of our harvest/Halloween decorations, but I finished up the rest after she had gone to sleep.  When the girls came down in the morning they both noticed this bat that I had made almost 5 years ago hanging above our mirror in the dining room and were very excited about it.


When I first saw the pattern for this Bat Wall Hanging at Jo-Ann’s Fabric Store I knew I had to make it and actually purchased all of the material right then and there.  Then I came home and spent the next hour sewing away.  I enjoyed this project so much that I didn’t make just one but 2 large ones and then one small one, to make the small one I just left the pattern the size it is and didn’t enlarge it at all.  (I find it amazing the amount of free time I had just a few years ago, yet never really felt like I had enough time to do anything, funny how that works!!)  I was also really excited when I searched for this pattern 5 years later and found it on their website.  Click on the links above for the pattern!!

Emily and Juliette love the little bat, they make it fly around the room.


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Katie said...

That is so cute! So happy to see you at A Crafty Soiree! Thanks for sharing and I love the new expanded look and tabs on your blog:) I need to get my rear in gear and finally finish the drop down menu on mine so it can look all snazzy too:)


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