Friday, October 8, 2010

Fire Prevention Week

This week we celebrated Fire Prevention Week with a trip to our fire department for an afternoon of learning about Fire Prevention and what to do if there was a fire in our house.


I was most excited that Emily and I were able to take a ride in the fire truck. 


IMG_5466We watched a movie about what to do if there is a fire in your house and then we were able to see real firefighters dressed in their uniforms demonstrating how they rescue you from a fire.

This was important for children to see since they could look and sound really scary with their helmets and masks and they make a funny breathing sound with the oxygen tanks. 

IMG_5459  We watched a demonstration on how to put out a kitchen fire on the stove top.


Emily and her friend in front of a fire truck with their fire hats on.


Emily on the back of one of the old historical fire trucks.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you got to take a ride on the truck? How fun!

Anonymous said...

oo how fun! Seeing them put the fire out with the fire extinguisher would have been so fun to watch! It also made me realize we dont have one!! That is no on my list of things to get ASAP!

Elizabeth-FlourishinProgress said...

Taking a trip to the fire station is such a great idea!

I will have to do this with my daughter Cal so that she doesn't get frightened if there is a reason for them to be in our home.

Stumbled onto your blog today...and I'm enjoying it alot!


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