Monday, January 24, 2011

Open Ended Art ~ Painting Snow

We had another snow day and I thought that painting some snow in our nice warm house would be the perfect activity for today!

Emily’s friend braved the snow to come play and this kept the girls busy and having fun for a while, which is always the mark of a great project in my book :0)


First I put a layer of snow in a cookie tray and patted it down for Emily and her friend.  Then I filled our paint cups up with some liquid watercolors (the best paints ever) and some water.  These watercolors are very concentrated so for this activity diluting the paint was perfect.  I was going to use food coloring but I was out of red.


Emily used the dropper to color the snow on her tray.

IMG_7211      I think the smile says it all!

After she filled the tray with color I filled up a bowl with snow and we added it on top of the colored snow.  It was fun to watch the watercolors spread out and color the new snow.  I thought I took a picture but realized I didn’t after I washed all the snow down the drain :(

This activity was a great open-ended art project and fine motor skills practice too.

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Jennifer said...

This is an awesome project!! Now -- if we'd only get some snow!!

Regina @ Chalk In My Pocket said...

Jennifer - I'm happy to send some of my snow your way LOL! Michelle -- I love this project, it's waaaay below zero here and there is no way I'm getting outside with my daughter today, this will be the perfect way to enjoy the snow out there! I'll link back to you if I get on the ball and get my camera out!


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