Friday, September 9, 2011

Are you Pinning???

If not you totally should be!!! 

Pinterest is so much fun,  slightly addicting and a really great way to share and organize all the amazing ideas you discover as you are browsing the world wide web.  I love it because I am always finding ideas and then forgetting where I saw them.  I am also always finding a lot of ideas that are really great, but that I don’t get a chance to blog about. ..through Pinterest I can share those ideas with others quickly and easily without having to do my own post about them. 

Here are just a few of the amazing ideas I found through Pinterest:

image Straw Weaving from Home Ed Groups

imageAmazing Popcorn Recipes from Chickabug

image This awesome Pipe Cleaner Magnetic Discovery Bottle from Pre-School Play

So if you are on Pinterest click here to follow me and then I can follow you…

If you are not on Pinterest, leave me a comment and I will send you an invite…I really, really, really think you will love it.  Then you can follow me and I will follow you :0)


Steph said...

funny! I just recently pinned those same ideas.

StrongStart said...

Love pinning and you're right it is addictive. What I really like is that it is visual. Pinning pictures for easy reference works far better for me than a written description.

Mamma_volipindarici said...

Love pinnning too!

It's also a way to "communicate" with stranger people [for exemple, I'm italian and I can look and know american's ideas adn suggests!!]

Michelle said...

So true!!
@Maureen, I love the visual aspect of it too. Pictures make it so much easier to find what you were looking for and look so much nicer too :)

@Mamma I love communicating ideas with people from all over the world it is an amazing thing!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

I love Pinterest. It's such an easy way to remember where I saw an idea I liked. Love the magnet and weaving ideas you have here.

CountryFunMaine said...

Love it too. I've been trying to post about ideas that I have used, but also trying to leave comments when I do something. Would love to see more comments as others use the ideas they find, especially if they adapt them.
and I already follow you Michelle.

Katie said...

I am not sure why but I can't figure out how to get that "follow me on Pinterest" button that's on your side bar. Will you share the secret so I can add one to mine? Thanks in advance Michelle!


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