Sunday, September 11, 2011

Having Fun Learning

The Past Few Weeks Having Fun Learning Together!!!

Emily is 4.5 years old and Juliette is 26 months old

Here are a few of the things that we have been up to the last few weeks before school starts this coming week. 

 IMG_9740IMG_9738  The girls had fun with a set of 100 colored paper clips.  They sorted them by color, made patterns with them and linked them together.  Juliette was so proud of herself for being able to link them together all by herself.  Emily really enjoyed being able to link them together into a pattern.

IMG_9773 We did a fun Sink and Float Experiment.   The girls made predictions about whether or not the object would sink or float and then they tested it by dropping the object into the tub of water.  They recorded their predictions and then their results. 

IMG_9840 Our weaving basket was a big hit.  The girls practiced weaving different textured ribbons through the laundry basket.


IMG_9864IMG_9866IMG_9870I made some fizzy sidewalk chalk paint and the girls had fun drawing on the driveway with the paint and then spraying it with the vinegar to watch it fizz and bubble. IMG_9809

We visited the Holtsville Ecology Center.  Many of the animals at the center have been injured and can not be released into the wild.  Emily was very interested in finding out why the animals where at the center.  The Bald Eagle they are looking at was hit by a car.IMG_9874IMG_9875IMG_9876

I had the girls finger paint on some tin foil.  This is a fun sensory experience.  The girls then had fun making mazes and letters in the paint on the foil.

IMG_9879 IMG_9887 Emily, Juliette and Mommy were able to go for a pony ride.  Emily was excited to ride by herself.  Juliette would only go if I went with her and she cried the entire way.  (Emily took the picture of Juliette and me)IMG_9904 We read I’m Gonna Like Me for our stART project  and Emily drew a picture of herself and then collaged some things that told about herself.IMG_0032

We made blueberry muffins for our Church’s Homecoming Brunch.


Emily helped make lasagna for dinner.


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Katie said...

Wow did you just say Juliette is 26 months, wow I remember you being pregnant with her. Where has time gone?


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