Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Laundry Basket Weaving

One day when I was doing laundry I looked at the laundry basket and thought that it would be perfect for practicing weaving.  I went through my craft bin and found different textured ribbons to tie on to the basket for the girls to weave.  I wanted them to be able to try weaving with a variety of ribbons so  there was string from a bakery, curling ribbon, elastic and a few types/widths of decorative ribbon. 
This activity was such a big hit, the girls were occupied by weaving the ribbons throughout the basket for at least a half an hour.  Plus they kept asking for it throughout the day.  In fact it was the first thing that Emily wanted the next morning when she came down for breakfast!
There was plenty of room for both girls to work.
IMG_9853  They were both so focused on weaving the ribbons through the basket.IMG_9857Juliette got right to work on the green ribbon. IMG_9858 Emily got the brown one all through one whole side…IMG_9859  …and around to the next!IMG_9862
I loved to see the different ways they chose to weave the ribbons through.  They didn’t limit themselves to the sides, they pulled them right over the top and even practiced some tying too!
IMG_9873The next day Emily turned it into a sled and had to “buckle” Juliette in.
The girls had such a great time with this activity, which was a great fine motor workout as well as an open ended art project with lots of creative play thrown in!
**If you try this with your children just make sure they are supervised at all times.  The lengths of the ribbon can be a strangulation hazard.  As soon as Juliette started going into the basket I made sure that Emily did not put any of the ribbons any where near her neck or or even shoulders. **

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Esther said...

Simple and lots of fun guaranteed!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Genius! A perfect first loom. : )

Jennifer said...

Such a FUN idea!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Jackie Higgins said...

What a great idea... and i love how they are working together.

Little Wonders' Days said...

This does look like fun! Great safety reminder too.

MaryAnne said...

What a great rainy day activity!


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