Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Little Flutists in Training


I have played the flute since 4th grade, but packed it away after High School.  After talking about it with some friends recently, I dug it out of the box in the basement and started playing it for the girls.  I couldn’t believe I was still able to play!  Emily and Juliette were very excited to have their turn trying to play the flute too.

Juliette held it up to her mouth and  made the sounds for it, Emily did the same, but after I showed her how to hold it she almost got a sound out.  We will keep practicing. 

Of course Juliette’s favorite part was having me blow into it while she pushed the keys down!!!


sbswtp said...

Super Cute! Have them just blow into the mouth piece...detached from the flute... we do that over here and they are thrilled that they are "playing" it ;-)

Michelle said...

Haha...I was saving that picture for my Having fun learning post. That is what my music teacher had me do. Emily did much better with it that way, but holding the whole flute was much more exciting :)


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