Monday, May 9, 2016

A Very Birthday Muffin Tin Monday!!

Last week was Clara's 3rd Birthday and she has really been enjoying having Muffin Tin Monday lunches so I was really happy that I could make one for her on her birthday.  I let her pick what she wanted in each cup so that it was a special meal for her.

Clara's Birthday Muffin Tin Monday Lunch

Top Row: Strawberry banana yogurt with sliced almonds, mini chocolate chips and shredded coconut topping, A #3 cheese sandwich, sliced cucumbers
Bottom Row: Sliced Strawberries, Cheese-Its, Ranch Dressing for dipping the cucumbers

Clara was really happy about her Muffin Tin Lunch!!!

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Raising Samuels said...

How creative! Love the muffin tin idea! Looks like she had a fun birthday :)

Michelle said...

Thank you!! She did have a fun birthday :)


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