Sunday, May 8, 2016

Having Fun Learning

Our week learning together in TOTSchool
Clara is 36 months old

This week we had a lot of fun celebrating Clara's third birthday and most of our activities were planned around things she liked or wanted to do.  Right now Clara really enjoys playing with her babies and other dolls, especially Emily and Juliette's American Girl Dolls.  

I really like giving lots of opportunities for Open Ended Art, as much as I love the finished project of structured crafts and art projects I know it is very important to let her just explore with different mediums.  I set her up with paint, different brushes water and a large piece of paper and let her just paint.  In the end we talked about the different colors she used and where they were on the paper.

Her most requested activity this week would definitely be our Birthday Themed Sensory Bin, which she went to play with on her own many times throughout each day.

At our Mommy and Me Totschool Class with we learned about the color purple and triangles.
 Clara glued a purple triangle into her notebook
 The kids worked together to mix their color pallets to make different colors.  Here Clara and her friend are making green.
 Clara poured red and blue water into a cup to make purple.
Finally she colored a "Color Wheel Flower"  each petal was a different color, she had to match her markers to the color on the petal.  

Our favorite books for this week:
Little Miss Birthday ~ Roger Hargreaves
If You Give a Pig a Party ~ Felicia Numeroff
Corduroy's Birthday ~ Don Freeman

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