Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Birthday Rice Sensory Bin

Clara celebrated her 3rd birthday yesterday and recently she has really enjoyed playing in our sensory bin.  So, I thought is would be fun to surprise her and create a birthday themed sensory bin that she could explore this week for her birthday.

Clara's Cupcake Birthday Rice Sensory Bin

I filled the bin with plain white rice, which is our go to sensory bin filler. Then I added in multi-colored pom poms, a pack of birthday candles, individual silicone cupcake holders (I found these a few years ago in the dollar spot in Target), and finally since she turned 3 some number 3 cookie cutters and foam threes.  There are also an  assortment of spoons and scoopers.

She loved scooping, pouring, filling and decorating in her special birthday themed sensory bin.

Another fun game the girls like to play with the sensory bins is finding all of one type of object.  With this bin I hid all the number threes under the rice and Clara dug around to find them.

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Plumeriatmc said...

I love the cookie cutter numbers! My girls love sensory bins too--it's amazing how something so simple can be so much fun.

Michelle said...

Thank you Tara, I agree I am always amazed at how creative they are with something so simple! Listening to the stories they tell as they are playing together is always so cute.


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