Saturday, May 14, 2016

Having Fun Learning ~ The Color Green and Light Tables

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Having Fun Learning

Our week learning together in TOTSchool
Clara is 36 months old

This week at our Mommy and Me TOTSchool class Clara explored colors and shapes on this awesome Guidecraft Light Table for the first time.  She loved moving the Rainbow Shape Blocks around and stacking them to make new colors.  
I have seen homemade versions of this on Pinterest and now I definitely want to make one for us to use at home.

 We learned about the color green and she had a great time finger painting with yellow and blue paint to make the color green.  Clara loves to finger paint and she spent the whole time spreading the paint around and making designs with her fingers. 

We have been working on doing harder puzzles together and Clara was very excited to put this Frozen puzzle together.  She is getting much better at matching the pieces by looking at the pictures.
We had a great time playing at our friends house and making Homemade Slime together.

Clara helped decorate the cupcakes that we made to donate to Birthday Wishes, an organization that throws birthday parties for children living in homeless shelters.
You can read more about how we helped Birthday Wishes by making goody bags.
 Emily and Juliette LOVE Spot It, which is a fun game where you have to spot the object that is the same on each card.  It is a fast paced game because you just put the card down and call out the match.  Clara wants to play with her big sisters so I am teaching her how to play.   For our version I just have Clara look at the card and find the match.  Then, I go and we take turns until all the cards are finished.
This was a simple open-ended art set up that actually turned into a name writing practice.  I set out paper and paper strips with stickers and the new scented gel pens that Clara received from Uncle Keith and Aunt Nicole for her birthday.  Clara loves scented art supplies and has wanted to color with these nonstop since she opened them.  She started drawing and then when I came to check on her she asked for help with her name.  We picked different colors to practice her name in, so far she can write the C and the L, but then has trouble with the rest so since she is showing an interest in it I am going to continue working on this with her next week.

Our Favorite Books from this Week:
Mix It Up! ~ Herve Tullet
Peekaboo I know! ~ Moira Butterfield

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