Sunday, March 1, 2009


Tot School

We did a lot this week!

Emily painted a snowman and added salt to make it look like snow.

We worked on the Alphabet by singing the ABC song and putting together puzzles. This is her newest puzzle and so far one of her favorites.

Emily LOVES her Aquadoodle. Here she is practicing circles.

Since she painted a snowman earlier we decided to read this snowman book and use the magnets to make the scenes in the book.

Emily used scissors for the first time this week. Here she is practicing cutting string. I held it taught for her and she was able to cut it really well. We did another project later in the week where she cut paper and string!

Emily and I made a whole Little People village and played in it. Emily loves putting the baby to sleep in the crib. We can spend quite a bit of time playing with her little people.

Our Favorite Books from this week:

The Snowman ~ Raymond Briggs

The Grouchy Lady Bug ~ Eric Carle

Where is Baby's Mommy ~ Karen Katz

Just the Way You Are ~ Kara McMahon


RockerMom said...

She's so adorable!! She did really well with the scissors. I haven't started RockerTot with scissors, yet.

Jedda said...

Thanks for the scissor pictures. It reminds me we haven't done those for a while!


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