Friday, August 27, 2010

Field Trip Fun ~ Hands on House

During our trip to Lancaster County, in Pennsylvania we visited the Hands on House.   I have a membership to our local children’s museum which enables our family to get into children’s museums across the country for free through their reciprocal program, which I think is awesome.  I am trying to visit as many Children’s Museums during our travels as possible.  (Being that we don’t travel very often I suppose it may be a little more difficult, but still fun to try!!)  Anyway here are some pictures of the fun things there are to do at the Hands on House.  This is really a great little museum for children.  The last time we were here Emily was only about 18 month.  She had a good time, but was really able to play and enjoy it this time now that she was older and with her friends!  Juliette had a great time following Emily and checking everything out too.IMG_4366 IMG_4370

One of Emily’s favorite exhibits is the store.  It is set up like a miniature grocery store.  There are all different types of foods, a real cash register, shopping carts and even shopping lists.  Emily and I worked together to get everything she needed from one of the shopping list and then her friend checked us out!


There is a dress up/make believe room.  Here the kids enjoyed pretending to steer a ship!


  Emily and Juliette picked corn from the corn stalks in this cute exhibit.IMG_4380 Juliette loved this fishing exhibit…Daddy not so much, no I think I just caught him mid blink, but how could I not share that amazing little smile on Miss Juliette’s face!

If you are ever in the Lancaster area I totally recommend visiting the Hands on House for a fun and educational experience!


Anonymous said...

ooo so much fun! Looks like everyone had a blast!

sbswtp said...

It looks like so much fun!!! I love Juliette's smile :)

Christy Killoran said...

Cool! We have a reciprocal membership too. I used it when we visited the Strong museum of Play in Rochester earlier this month. It would have cost us $80 to get in without it! I always look for children's museums when we travel too.

April said...

I'm sure they loved that. My daughter loves our Children's museum as well. They have a little mini-store as well. Juliette does look extra happy in that pic with her daddy.

Miller Moments said...

We love the Children's Museum!


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