Saturday, October 23, 2010

Taikoza Live!

IMG_5524 We recently went to a performance at Adelphi University of Taikoza Live.  This is a Japanese music and dance group which play ancestral Japanese Taiko drums and bamboo flutes.  The thunderous sound that filled the theater were amazing and captivated the audience full of children of all different ages.  I  was thrilled to be able to experience this with Emily and hope that it is something that will inspire a love of all different forms of musical expression. IMG_5526

Emily sitting in front of one of the large Taiko Drums after the performance.  She loved the music and dancing and was very excited to see the very large drum up close!



Here is a video of the performance the we went to, but you really have to experience it first hand it is amazing…if they are ever in your area I highly recommend seeing them perform!!


You can read more about Taikoza Live at Symphony Space and on their website.


Elle Belles Bows said...

That is a great "adventure". It is so wonderful to experience the beauty and art of different cultures. Thanks for sharing. Checked out their site, but no performances near us:-( Kerri

Rebecca said...

These guys seem great! What a good experience for Emily!

MaryAnne said...

What fun! My university had a Taiko drumming group, and I always loved watching them perform. It would be a great thing to take my kids to!

Sherid said...

Wow - that looked like so much fun! Great experience.

Elise said...

I would love to take my children to a performance like this.

Your stocking pumpkin is such a clever idea and Emily did a great job with this.

Anonymous said...

No estб seguro de que esto es verdad:), pero gracias a un cargo.
Have a nice day



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