Friday, March 7, 2014

Balloon Pit Sight Word Hunt


Juliette is so excited about learning how to read.  She is recognizing many different sight words so now I am looking for fun ways for her to practice them.  Balloon Pit Sight Word Hunt

We had a bunch of balloons leftover from Emily’s Lego Friends Birthday Party which I gathered into the corner to keep them away from Clara and that is when this idea came to me!  Since Juliette is an active child I knew she would love this fun way to hunt for her words.  I took 5 balloons and wrote one of the sight words we have been working with on each balloon.  Then I told her what word to find.  She loved pushing around all the balloons looking for the ones that had words on it, and she was even more excited when she found the word she was looking for!!  We will definitely be playing this gave many more times since it was a big hit.

Be sure to check out my Sight Word Board on Pinterest

What fun ways have you used to practice sight words with your children? 

If you have a post about sight words be sure to add it to the linky then check out the other great activities that have been linked up.   I can’t wait to check it out!!

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