Thursday, March 13, 2014

Custom Built in Bunk Beds ~ Built with Love By Daddy!!

  Emily and Juliette each had their own room until I was pregnant with Clara.  We only have 3 bedrooms in our house so we decided that Emily and Juliette would get to share a room.  Since the bedrooms in our house are pretty small the only option was a bunk bed.  I began scouring the internet and furniture stores for bunk beds, however I couldn’t find anything that I loved and when I did find something that I at least liked I was amazed at how expensive they were. 

During my search though I did find this amazing custom double built in bunk bed, from August Fields.  It had everything that I wanted, a little shelf for the girls to put their “treasures,” a light for reading and I loved that there where stairs instead of a ladder that stuck out into the middle of the room.  After shopping around with my husband one day I came home and showed him the Pinterest board that I had put together with different bunk bed ideas.  I thought he was going to tell me I was crazy, but instead he said “I could do that.”  (Definitely one of the great thing about being married to a contractor!!) We got to work planning them right away and as we were showing the girls what we were going to do they were beyond excited for their new Bunk Beds!!

Built in Bunk Beds

We were able to cathedral the ceilings in their room which was great because it made a small narrow room feel much bigger and we were able to make the bottom bunk bed higher so even my husband could sit in it and read with the girls without bumping his head. 

Built in Bunk Beds

The other really great thing is that the beds are actually built in to the studs in the walls so it is probably the strongest bunk bed ever.  My husband can sit up in the top bunk with the girls to read bedtime stories without any worries.  I thought that was important because Emily was so used to having us snuggle in her bed to read at night, I didn’t want her to miss out on that!

Built in Bunk Beds

I absolutely LOVE how their bunk beds came out!  Here you can see the steps leading up to the top bunk on the left hand side and they each have their own little  built in shelf to put their treasures on and their own reading light .

Built in Bunk Beds  Built in Bunk Beds I love that although they have to share a room, they each have their own special space in the room. 

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Tami said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! Your hubby is one talented guy. My boys had bunk beds too, but nothing so fancy. Guess you don't want "fancy" with boys anyway. ;-)


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