Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Daisy Girl Scouts: Three Cheers For Animals Journey ~ Operation Happy Sock

My friend Sarah and I are Emily’s Daisy Girl Scout Troop leaders and we are currently working on the Three Cheers for Animals Journey.  When I found Operation Happy Sock on Pinterest I knew that this was the perfect service project for us.  A “Happy Sock” is simply a catnip toy made from a sock and they are super easy to make!  All you need is a sock, a handful of Poly-Fil and a pinch of Catnip.
Girl Scouts ThOperation Happy SockI had the girls bring in some of their mismatched or old socks (I have a mountain of them that were perfect for this) to the meeting.  We had a nice sized pile of old socks that we quickly turned into fun new toys for cats.
Girl Scouts Operation Happy Cat
To make a “Happy Sock” all you do is stuff a sock with the polyfil and a pinch of catnip.  Tie a knot at the ankle and you made a cute little cat some where very happy!!Operation Happy Sock The girls with all 52 of their “Happy Socks” they were so excited about this project!
This was such a fun project to work on and we can’t wait to donate them to our local animal shelter! 
I purchased the supplies that we used at Walmart and they were very inexpensive.  We only used a 1 oz bag of catnip and we still have most of a huge bag of polyfil leftover. 

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