Thursday, March 6, 2014

Emily’s LEGO Friends Birthday Party

Oh my goodness I can not believe that we just celebrated my baby’s 7th birthday!! 

Emily and Juliette have been OBSESSED with LEGO friends ever since they got their first set last year for Christmas.  So this year when we were thinking about the theme for Emily’s party I was not surprised when she jumped up and down  with excitement when I suggested we do a LEGO Friends Party.  I have to say this was probably my favorite party to plan yet, I had so much fun searching Pinterest for fun ideas.

Lego Friends Party Decorations

The decorations were simple but fun and I absolutely LOVED the color scheme she picked out.  We made the Lego Brick decorations from card stock and cut out circles on the Cricut MachineEmily built her name with her LEGO bricks.

LEGO Friends Party Photo Booth When each girl arrived they took a picture with Emily at our Friends Photo booth.  This is one of my favorite party activities.  I love having a picture of Emily with each girl and then I print them and use them for a personalized thank you card. 

Lego Friends Party

I printed out a picture of all the LEGO Friends on legal sized paper for the girls to color and use as a placemat.  I also printed a handful of Lego coloring pages and put them together as a coloring book for the early finishers.  We were amazed at how long the girls just wanted to color for. 

Lego Friends Party

Next for the main activity for her party we decided to get each girl a Lego Friends Set for them to put together.  I had a craft tray for each child to work on so that the pieces stayed somewhat contained. 

Lego Friends Party Cake

We had pizza and cake and then let the girls play in the basement with Emily’s collection of LEGOS until their parents came to pick them up.  Emily came up with the design for her cake.  The “7” is made out of Sixlets candies and I used a Building Blocks Chocolate Candy Mold to make the chocolate bricks.  She then added her Lego Friends as the final decorations. 

LEGO Friends Party Favors

For their goody bags I used my sister’s CIRCUIT machine to cut out circles to decorate the bags like LEGO bricks.  In each bag the girls had the LEGO set they built during the party, a box of Building Blocks Candy, a LEGO sugar cookie that we made, their coloring book and placemat and hair band lollipops that we made for each girl. (Did I mention that I LOVE Pinterest!)

Happy LEGO Friends 7th Birthday Emily!!!

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