Sunday, March 1, 2009

Unplugged Project ~ Clothing

Clothing Basket Toss

We were so excited to participate in our first Weekly Unplugged Project at Unplug Your Kids.

We got our idea for this weeks project from Emily's TURTLE Magazine. The new issue had directions for "Toss and Count", where you toss rolled up socks into a laundry basket and then count how many you got in. We played a variation of this with some clothes Emily had that we were waiting to put away. Emily enjoyed tossing the wadded up shirts and pants into the laundry basket. She is still learning to let go of the object she is trying to through so this was great practice...and a lot of fun! When we were finished we counted all the pieces of clothing that actually made it into the basket.


Katie said...

I like this idea, I am so going to do this with my two and a half year old. She really needs some hand eye coordination practice, she can't catch a ball at all!

Michelle said...

This was really good practice...Emily doesn't get the idea that she has to let go of the thing she is throwing. By the time we were finished she was doing a pretty good job!


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