Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bunny Handprint Napkin Rings

Emily's Handprint Bunny Napkin Rings

I first saw the idea for Bunny Napkin Rings on Ramblings of a Crazy Woman and knew I had to make them for our Easter table this year. Then I saw this adorable Handprint Bunny craft on Just For Fun, which I also had to try with Emily. So we began by making Handprint Bunnies, which I made into cards to send to her Grandparents and Great-Grandmas (I forgot to take a picture before I sent them, so when my mom get hers I am going to take a picture...they came out really cute). We went a little Handprint Bunny crazy and I had a bunch leftover so I decided to use them for the napkin rings and they came out really cute. Best of all Emily had a great time making them!

First, we painted Emily's palm, pointer finger and ring finger.

Emily put her hands down on the paper to make her handprint.

Checking out her work!

We made a bunch of handprints on purple and pink construction paper, then set them aside to dry. I cut them out and used a hot-glue gun to glue on a pom-pom nose. Then I used black puff paint to draw the whiskers and eyes.

Emily handprinting a piece of pink construction paper for the bunnies bodies.
I cut a piece of purple and pink construction paper to fit around a paper towel holder. Then I had Emily use her handprints to cover it in white.
This is everything before I put the napkin rings together. I used a paper towel tube that I cut into 2 inch wide pieces for the base of the napkin holder. Then I cute the pink and purple paper into 2 inch strips and glued them over the paper towel holder. To finish it I glued a Handprint Bunny Face to the front and a pom-pom tail to the back.

Our Finished Napkin Holder!!

I can't wait to see how cute they look on the table for Easter.

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Unknown said...

This is an awesome idea! We will def be making theese soon for Easter Sunday! Thanks again!


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