Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Her Turkey is Taking Shape!

Today Emily made a Shape Turkey with her friend Ryleigh.  The girls had a great time identifying the shape and we were all so excited to see how cute these turkeys came out!


Sarah cut out the shapes and then reviewed each shape with the girls.  Emily and Ryleigh were so excited to hold up each shape the Sarah asked them to find!

IMG_0388IMG_0389The girls glued the shapes onto the paper.

IMG_0434    Emily’s finished shape turkey.

When we were all finished Emily asked what was going on the top of the turkey so Sarah got them some pumpkin stickers to add to the top.  I think it added a nice touch!!


Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

This is a very cute craft. It's neat that Emily and you have great friends to do things together.

sbswtp said...

I think they came out great...I'm working on getting us some Christmas crafts :) Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Cassie said...

That looks wonderful! She did a great job.

Jo Shabo said...

Love the shape turkeys! Cute stuff!

Adriana said...

Very cute turkey! Sorry I forgot to mention your StART McLinkey the other day in my Great McLinkeys post. I have even linked up to you a few times. My brain is on vacation. :) I plan to repost this soon and I will add yours to it. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Miller Moments said...

I've seen this craft before and had forgotten all about. Thanks for the great reminder. They turned out very cute!


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