Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Songs That Make Juliette Smile

We do a lot of singing in our house, we have songs for nap time, snack, bath time and just for fun. Many of them are just made up to go with what we are doing at the moment and others are old favorites from when I was little. Recently I have noticed that some songs make Juliette break out into the biggest smile ever. So here are two of her current favorites.

Ham and Eggs

Ham and eggs
Ham and eggs
I like mine fried nice and brown,
and I like mine turned upside down.
Ham and eggs
Ham and eggs
Flip! flop! Flip! Flop!
Ham and eggs!

Songs for teaching have the sheet music for this song.

Boom Boom Chicka Boom

I said a boom chicka boom
[Students repeat]
I said a boom chicka boom.
[Students repeat]

I said a boom chicka rocka
Chicka rocka, chicka boom
[Students repeat]

I said a boom chicka boom.
[Students repeat]

Oh yeah (echo), uh huh (echo), next time (echo)

A little softer (echo).

A little louder...
A little slower...

A little faster...

The end!!!

Emily loves being able to help out with this song so both of them get to enjoy it!!


Elise said...

Hi Michelle

Very sweet songs. We also do a lot of singing here. Blake has just started saying eee, i, eee, i, ooo when he wants me to sing Old Mac Donald Had A Farm - which is ALL the time. He has just learnt to say ow, ow (Row, Row, for Row, Row, Row, your boat)- that spices his requests up a bit!! We make up all sorts of songs that get both Savvy and Blakie laughing. Our puppet collection usually comes in handy here.

I love the colour a smile idea. Whata "beauty full" way to brighten up someone's day. Emily's colouring would be very appreciated and admired by residents in the nusrsing home.

I am looking forward to using your stART button next time we have a project to contribute - looking like next week, this week has been a bit of a doozy!!

Oooh, a new Etsy shop, now that is something I will definately be checking out. Congratulations on this and I wish you every success and happiness with this wonderful venture.

Our Little Family said...

Ohhhhh, I'd like to thank you for getting, "I hear a boom chicka boom" in my head! Ha!! I'd totally forgotten that one. I'm always singing or "sing-talking" to Maddie, too (I'm sure I'm a blast to be around!). Love it!

Michelle said...

That is so funny that is exactly what happens to me....once we sing Boom Chicka Boom it is in my head for the whole day!! Good thing Juliette and Emily like it so much :0)

Chic Mama said...

i have been trying to remember Boom Chicka Boom for the longest time! Thanks for posting it!


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