Thursday, October 7, 2010

stART ~ Minerva Louise on Halloween

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Check out the  stART tab in my navigation bar where you can find our past stART projects.  All the books that we have read and did a stART project for are listed in alphabetical order.
This week we read Minerva Louise on Halloween, by Janet Morgan Stoeke.  This is the first Minerva Louise book that we have read and I am looking forward to checking out some of the other ones.  The story is written from the silly chicken, Minerva Louise’s point of view.  She gets things confused thinking that the spider webs are curtains, the trick or treaters are farmers and so on.  In the end Minerva Louise is very excited to get some corn in her feed basket (aka, trick or treat bag) like the other kids so she goes to the door trick or treating and gets some candy corn, which she tastes for the first time and loves.
Although Emily did not realize how silly Minerva Louise was at first, after each page  I asked her a question about what Minerva Louise thought or did and then I would say “That silly Minerva Louise!”  Emily liked this and then realized how confused and silly the chicken was about what was going on.  I would like to check out another one of these books with a subject that Emily knew a lot more about, I think she would understand it even more on her own.
For our project Emily made a candy corn.  I was planning on having her glue white, orange and yellow pom poms onto a candy corn shape, however she decided that she would rather paint the candy corn shape.  So that is what she did!
I cut out a candy corn shape out of tag board.  First she painted orange leaving the top white.
Next, she painted the yellow. 
When she was all finished her favorite part was eating the real piece of candy corn.
Emily’s Candy Corn Painting
Since there was extra paint in the tray she asked for a piece of paper to paint on with the yellow and orange paint.  This made me happy since I always feel bad wasting the extra paint!! 


Mama to 5 said...

Michelle - FYI mclinky has been having a problem ALL morning & any link ups that you have to add a picture too are not working at all. It maybe awhile before anyone can link up here - I tried didn't work!

Anonymous said...

Love this!! Looks great!

Unknown said...

I really like this book and seems like it is a very funny story. Love the art project. Thank you for sharing

Kara said...

My daughter loves Minerva Louise! I didn't know there was a Halloween book- we will definitely need to find that one! The candy corns turned out great!

Christy Killoran said...

I have never heard of Minerva Louise. I'll have to look for this book!

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

Looks good enough to eat!

Charlene Juliani said...

I never heard of Minerva Louise either, but it sounds like a fun book. Have to see if our library has a copy of it. Love her candy corn. I always feel guilty throwing extra paint away too.

When you check out our stART project, also check out my interview with Leah from Almost Unschoolers!

Brimful Curiosities said...

We need to look up a Minerva Louise book. Sounds cute. Last year we made cookie turkeys with candy corn. Lots of fun!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I was just debating whether to check that book out for an upcoming candy corn project, this morning. I'm glad to hear it is so good. And, I love Emily's candy corn - although the idea with the pom-poms is great, too.

Unknown said...

This is the only kind of candy corn I could have in the house. The other is too tempting.

Ticia said...

hmmm..... I'm guessing since this window is still open I didn't comment yet.

Her candy corn project turned out super cute. Have you ever seen the terra cotta pots painted like that? One of my neighbors have some out on their lawn.

Michelle said...

I LOVE this! I have a little book review blog and often do art projects with my kids based on what we're reading. I don't often post about the projects though. I might have to though to link up to this fun linky party!


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