Sunday, March 9, 2014

Amazing Science ~ Absorption Color Mixing Color Wheel

I love science and color mixing, so when I saw the idea for this color mixing science experiment that demonstrated absorption I knew we had to try it.  These simple science experiments are a great way to get children of all different ages excited about science.

Green Absorption Experiment

The girls were amazed as the colored water slowly climbed up the paper towel and into the middle cup of plain water.  We went out for a little bit and as soon as we walked in the door they both ran to check it.  When they saw it they were bouncing up and down, “Mommy it’s green, the water turned green!”

To get them thinking we played around with adding more water to the colored cups and watching them water levels even out.

Color Mixing Absorption Experiment

A few days later I was thinking about this experiment and how cool it would look if we did it to make a color wheel.  I told the girls about it and they decided we needed to set it up RIGHT AWAY!!!

Absorption Color Wheel Experiment

The girls were able to see how the water was absorbed into the paper towel and then traveled up over into the cup of plain water creating the secondary colors. 

Absorption Science Experiment

I filled the cups of colored water higher than the cups of plain water.  The next time we try this I am not going to put any plain water into the cups so they can see what happens then.


C said...

Hi, Michelle,

LOVE the idea of the color wheel. I don't think I ever saw that, even with all the blogs I have read. Brilliant!


Michelle said...

Thank you! It was a lot of fun :)


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