Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Juliette's Turn!!

Baby Fun
When Emily was little I was always looking for things to keep her smiling and entertained in between feeding and naps. The library had lots of different books that had poems, songs, games and other activities to do with babies. So I headed back to library for a refresher course on baby fun!!
Baby's Fingers
This chant is from Games to Play with Babies, by Jackie Silberg
While I said the chant to Juliette I touched the parts of her body that were mentioned as I named them. She was smiling throughout the game!!
Where, oh where, are baby's finger?
Where, oh where, are baby's toes?
Where's the baby's belly button?
'Round and 'round it goes.
Where, oh where , are baby's ears?
Where, oh where, is baby's nose?
Where's the baby's bellybutton?
'Round and 'round it goes.


Miller Moments said...

She is darling!

Christy Killoran said...

She is precious!

The Activity Mom said...

So cute! I was just thinking the other day I needed to remember the old songs and rhymes for the baby on the way. Thanks!

Rebecca said...

She looks just like Emily!!

Crystal said...

She is so cute!

Melissa A. said...

Oh I love that rhyme! Juliette is gorgeous (and I totally love her name), and she looks so happy! Her outfit is way cute too. :)


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