Sunday, November 1, 2009

Friday Art Group

Puffy Paint Ghosts and Colorful Fall Trees


The girls had a great time getting messy while making our Puffy Paint Ghosts.  When I saw this idea  on No Time For Flashcards I had to try it during art group.

IMG_9817 IMG_9818IMG_9821IMG_9819  



These colorful fall trees were a great painting project!  I cut out a cloud shape from the top of each piece of card stock and  also cut different tree shapes out of brown construction paper before art group.

IMG_9822 IMG_9823

The Girls glued on the brown construction paper to look like tree branches.

IMG_9824 IMG_9825

We taped the card stock with the cloud shaped cutout over the top of the tree and the girls sponge painted away with different fall leaf colors. 

Finally we took the stencil off to reveal their beautiful fall trees!


sbswtp said...

Art was great again this week- I really liked the fall trees and I'm really glad we did the ghosts at your house and not mine ;)

Adriana said...

The puffy paint ghost look like a LOT of fun! I think that we would just do them in the bathtub to save a step.

Jamie said...

I love the fall trees! How fun!

Elise said...

Hi Michelle

Your art group is awesome! I also saw the gooey ghosts at No Time For Flashcards, but we have not tried them yet. What a perfect activity for your art group.

What a great idea for your fall trees. The ones pictures turned out beautifully.

Christy Killoran said...

Fun! I hosted an art group this summer and we always had a lot of fun.

Rebecca said...

Love those trees!

Unknown said...

I love the ghosts. :) Idea to use shawing cream for them is awesome!


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