Monday, May 4, 2009


Tot School
Our week in TOTSchool!

Emily is 26 months old

We had some great weather this week and were able to spend some time outside!! Emily enjoyed drawing on the driveway with chalk...

...and blowing lots of bubbles!!

Emily liked painting with water in this Fisher Price Little People Paint with Water was only .89 cents at target!!

We picked dandelions to do a Dandelion Print project and as part of a Yellow Scavenger Hunt too!

Emily loved this Mickey Mouse Color Matching Game.
The cards are just Behr Disney Color Paint Swatches from Home Depot...the whole game was free!!!
First we did it with the colors all facing up so that she just had to pick two of the same color.

Next, I used only a few of the pairs and turned them upside down so she had to remember where they were. She did a great job!! I think this was one of her favorite activities from this week.

Our favorite books from this week:

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Pamela said...

I had forgotten all about paint with water books! I can't wait to go get one for my little one. Thanks for sharing.

Tracey said...

Very nice blog! Enjoy seeing what your daughter is learning!

Jennifer said...

Dandelion prints!!! What a great use for all those dandelions little girls pick.


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