Saturday, May 9, 2009


Tot School

Our week in TOTSchool!!
Emily is 26 months old

Emily made her own farm with a coloring sheet and farmyard stickers. I was amazed at the story Emily made up about the animals as she was sticking the stickers on the page. She actually had a reason for where she was putting them and told me about it!

Emily always loves playing with her Little People.

Emily took out the flower petals and pipe cleaner and enjoyed working on lacing them to make flowers.

Grandpa gave her this double sided Snoopy puzzle recently and she has done it every day since she got it!

Daddy took Emily for a ride in her new wagon. They enjoyed seeing all the flowers and plants that are blooming!

Emily was most excited about seeing and hearing the "music truck," which is what she calls the Ice Cream truck. Since she has never had the ice cream from it all she knows is that is comes around every night playing music!!

Building with her Melissa & Doug Wooden ABC/123 Blocks .

Emily made Mother's Day Cards for her Grandmas

Our favorite books from this week:

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RockerMom said...

She is so precious!! I love the "make a flower" lacers. Thanks for sharing!!

Ticia said...

Did you make the flowers and pipe cleaners or buy them, what a wonderful idea.

Anonymous said...

SO nice to hear how she tells stories about the stickers. And loves to play with her FP LP sets! My 4y.o. DD used to do that so much. She still makes up stores and talks to herself. So sweet!
I honestly think we have ALL of the same toys that you have! Seriously! Between the pictures and your favorites list I think we own the exact same ones. I love good toys!
I need to put "wagon ride" on our schedule. Thanks for the idea!!


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