Saturday, May 16, 2009


Tot School

Our week in TOTSchool!

Emily is 27 months old

We continued talking about Farms this week and did this fun negative space farm painting.

Emily also did some finger painting!
Emily "magically" made some shapes and letters appear with this painting project.

Emily had fun blowing bubbles with our homemade bubble blower.

Emily practiced cutting strips of paper.

Emily enjoyed working with these Pooh's Number Match learning cards that Aunt Jennifer got for her.

Emily decided she was not going to stack them, but nest these Melissa & Doug Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks today!

Working with her Melissa & Doug Lacing Beads.

Emily's new puzzle. She loved this What's Next Sequence Puzzle. Emily put them together and we talked about what was happening in the beginning, middle and end. She did a great job telling me the story! I am so excited because I found them for $1.25 at a consignment shop!

Our favorite books from this week:
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Denise said...

Looks like a fun week. You've inspired me to try our sequence cards with my girls.

Jennifer said...

I love the negative space painting. I will have to try it in the future.

RockerMom said...

What a wonderful and well-rounded week! I love the homemade bubble blower and the negative space painting. Thanks for sharing!!


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