Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scissor Practice

Cutting out Stickers

Emily has been doing such a great job using the scissors to cut strips of construction paper. She likes to cut each strip into the smallest pieces possible. To help her practice cutting in a certain spot I added stickers to the strips of paper and had Emily cut in between them.

She was so excited that she "cut out the sticker" and it was great practice in leading to more purposeful cutting!!

The fruits of her labor!!


Elise said...

Hi Michelle

I enjoy stopping by your blog and checking out your creative ideas. I was also a teacher before having my two children. I am now a SAHM to our two year old little girl and 10 month old baby boy.

We also love cutting and stickers in our house as well. I like the way you combined the love of stickers with cutting.


Ticia said...

What a great a idea! I might have to try that with my kiddos. I think first though I'll let them put the stickers on, because that another thing they love to do.

Jen said...

This is a great idea....I haven't tried scissors w/ my daughter yet, she's 25 months old, but I know she's not too far from being ready.

How old was your daughter when she started with scissors?

Michelle said...

I started Emily with scissors when she was about 25 months old. I found that the strips of paper really helped her be able to practice cutting. At first I gave her a whole piece of paper and she got very frustrated. Also the scissors made a difference. The first pair I gave her did not open really well so she had a hard time with them...when I gave her a pair that opened better she had almost no trouble at all!

Katie said...

Oh that is fun, my kidlet loves stickers and is a newbie cutter. She'd love this, and I am going to try it ASAP with her.

Sharon said...

Great task for those finer motor skills! My kids love to cut, cut, cut! It makes a mess sometimes but well worth the fun and skill building! Thanks for the post!


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