Saturday, May 30, 2009


Tot School

Our week in TOTSchool!!
Emily is 27 months old
Emily helped Mommy bake some Red, White and Blue Blondie Brownies
Emily had fun playing in the she is getting silly string off of herself!
Emily enjoyed watching the Memorial Day Parade in our town. I was excited that she got to she my High School Marching Band. She was excited to see her friend's Daddy marching with the Fire Fighters!
Emily enjoyed playing with her ladybug. She made it go all around the house. She gave me a description of everything it was doing!
We visited the Children's Museum of the East End. Emily was able to intereact with all of the different exhibits.

This week we in TOTSchool Emily had a lot off life experiences!!
We are looking forward to getting back into our regular routine next week :0)

Our favortie books from this week:

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Elise said...

Hi Michelle

Looks like a such a fun week. My two year old is also a great helper when it comes to baking. She loves pouring the ingredients in the bowl and mixing.

Rainy days for us usually mean lots of crafting, reading and dancing (our favourite dance at the moment is The Hokey Pokey). I recently did a blog post about what we have been doing to fill rainy days. I also saw a fun activity in a magazine (can't recall which magazine)whereby you place a few drops of food colouring onto a piece paper, or paer plate. Then you take this into the rain so the rain can work its magic and produce a masterpiece. Next time it rains, we will be trying this one.


RockerMom said...

How lovely, I wish our tiny town had a parade for Memorial Day. Thanks for sharing!


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