Thursday, May 21, 2009

Unplugged Project ~ Sun

Shape Sun Prints

This weeks Unplugged Project was "Sun" so Emily and I with a lot of help from Mr. Sun made Shape Sun Prints.
To start I gave Emily a piece of construction paper and some of the wooden shapes from our Melissa and Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks Puzzles.
Emily thinking about what she was going to do.

Putting the shapes on the paper. While Emily was working we talked about the color and shape of each piece.

Emilys shape creation.

After Emily arranged the shapes on the construction paper we left them outside so Mr. Sun could go to work.

We went back inside to have lunch and after about an hour...

...Emily and I came out to see what happened.

When we took the shapes off the color of the paper had faded, but the paper under the shapes was nice and bright! Emily kept pointing to the paper and saying "Look it made it!"

I was surprised with what a great reaction she had...she was so excited that the paper changed. I am planning on trying this again using her magnetic letters!!


Ticia said...

Can you imagine the difference with a piece of black paper? Very cool project!

Jen said...

Love this idea. Great shape review too.

Elise said...

Hi Michelle

This is such a fun project. We also left some crayon shavings on different textured paper (sandpaper, corrugated paper etc) and the sun did its thing. It is so much fun experimenting with a two year old and it is certainly a joy to read all of your creative projects.


Denise said...

Love the idea of using magnetic letters! I think we'll do that too!

Bran said...

good idea!

Miller Moments said...

What a creative and fun idea!

Gidget Girl Reading said...

we do this alot in the summer! it is lots of fun!


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